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Since last December ‘18 alone I have been on the road for close to 40.000km in EV’s. From Konstanz near Switzerland and Madrid in Spain, the countryside in Wales, the cold breeze near Copenhagen in January. I’ve tried to get there. Not too much planning, but considerate driving, the right apps, the cheap charging cards. Want to know how I did it? I’m putting together travel advice in EV per country. Right now I’m translating the Dutch versions I made for Germany, France and Spain. UK, Denmark will follow. As soon as I visited a country by EV I’m adding it to the list. Get in touch with me about your EV travel plans. I will share my tips with you. The thing I ask in return is to consider a donation. I don’t own an EV. I rent cars, as I have done for years. I share the ride and this way try to travel more sustainable. Help to keep me on the road gathering more experience by donating! Thanks.

Reach out to hey@electricfelix.com with all questions you might have. Or if you want to join me on an adventure. You can always book a ride directly using the button below.

About electricfelix

Step into the Jaguar I-Pace, a full electric experience anywhere around Europe! Photo courtesy of Trui Hanoulle.

Step into the Jaguar I-Pace, a full electric experience anywhere around Europe! Photo courtesy of Trui Hanoulle.


It all started when I participated in the E-challenge the 28th of September 2013…

That day changed everything. Driving the electric Smart (by Car2go) all day around Amsterdam made me understand that electric was ‘the future’. Now indeed, we moved up some years. Brands like Jaguar, Audi & Mercedes are joining in on the party, so to speak. If you are looking for tips when driving South on your holidays, just reach out for some advice or download the PDF’s right away. When the sun is out, most of the time you will find me on a new adventure in the Jaguar I-Pace to find the cheapest and fastest chargers out there. Always on the move. Everything Electric. Join me! Book your own ride accross Europe using the button below.


Services & Pricing

European roadtrips by EV (Jaguar I-Pace) are bookable for any route. I will look into the strategy for charging breaks, where to sleep depending on the distance and so on. Also you can always contact me for a last-minute trip to Paris or Berlin, two of my favourites.

If you consider your own roadtrip in an EV and want to know more about how I managed to arrive in Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Wales and so on, send me an email at hey@electricfelix.com about your trip! I will look into your plans and respond with my PDF’s that can help you smoothen the ride.


  • Amsterdam-Berlin, 3 persons max. - €150 one way

  • Amsterdam-Paris, 3 persons max. - €150 one way


I had a great ride with Felix. Besides being punctual, having excellent communication and safe driving skills, I was particularly sensitive to the mindset behind this trip and his dedication to encourage the use of electric cars for long trips around Europe. I surely recommend him as a driver!
— Anna, BlaBlaCar passenger, May 2019
Felix is a good driver and to have a drive in a electric car (Jaguar) was a super cool experience. I can highly recommend!
— Franz, BlaBlaCar passenger, April 2019
Had a very nice ride with Felix! He’s a really secure driver and super friendly. Had good conversations with him during the ride. Would definitely drive with him again.
— Gyde, BlaBlaCar passenger, January 2019


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The trailer below was made in December ‘18 when driving to Berlin, join the ride!