Since last December ‘18 alone I have been on the road for close to 40.000km in EV’s. From Konstanz near Switzerland and Madrid in Spain, the countryside in Wales, the cold breeze near Copenhagen in January. I’ve tried to get there. Not too much planning, but considerate driving, the right apps, the cheap charging cards. Want to know how I did it? I’m putting together travel advice in EV per country. Right now I’m translating the Dutch versions I made for Germany, France and Spain. UK, Denmark will follow. As soon as I visited a country by EV I’m adding it to the list. Get in touch with me about your EV travel plans. I will share my tips with you. The thing I ask in return is to consider a donation. I don’t own an EV. I rent cars, as I have done for years. I share the ride and this way try to travel more sustainable. Help to keep me on the road gathering more experience by donating! Thanks.

Reach out to with all questions you might have. Or use the button below and fill in the form to request EV travel advice.